• Varjopuoli

    well, if thats the case, i dont mind to be backup too, id like to hang on with fins

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  • Varjopuoli

    Character: Varjopuoli, level 50 human priest
    Age: 26
    Country: Finland
    Spec: Shadow temporarily
    Raidin/Attunement: None yet, still leveling
    Activity: I do only PvE contests, few times in week is good to have a raid, depends situation and timing, and one or two dungeons on day.
    About me: I have started playing wow since vanilla, currently stopped playing retail, it just sucks ass. Why i joined nostalrius? Vanilla and TBC Expansions have been my best wow experience ever, and when i heard this release, i joined here. I started playing my priest here, and joined guild Vastarinta. After my summerbreak, guild was merged with Theorycraft.

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