• tanino

    Hello i am a customer of yours who decided to make an apply to join as social in your wonderful guild.
    Age:30 (made the 1th of january,i am not that old cmon)
    Character name:Tanino
    Current spec:Beast mastery till intimidation and markmanship till scattershot,ranged specialization,a mix of pvp and grind dungeons spec,my main activities when i play.
    Timezone:server time
    Current gear:

    -head (Giantstalker's helmet)+100 hp enchant
    -neck (Onyxia tooth pendant)
    -shoulder (Beaststalker mantle) trying to change this since forever(I'd like to buy t1/t2 shoulder from you)
    -back (Fireproof cloak)+3 agi enchant
    -chest (Giantstalker's breastplate)+100 hp enchant
    -wrist (GIantstalker's bracers)+9 stamina enchant
    -gloves (beaststalker's gloves)no enchant this is 2 second item i am trying to change since long time but taking a lot so probably will have to enchant the voone's vice grip ones from lbrs quest(I'd love to buy from you t1/t2 gloves)
    -waist (GIanstalker's belt)
    -Legs (Dragonstalker's legguards)+100hp enchant
    -boots (Sabatons of the flamewalker)+7 stamina enchant
    -ring 1 (Myrmidon's signet) still working on av rep
    -ring 2 (Blackstone ring)
    -trinket 1 (Blackhand breadth)
    -trinket 2 (Ally insignia) getting the dm one soon
    -Melee weapon (Ice barbed spear,av poliarm)+22 intellect enchant,trying to change this as well (damn zg 2h)
    -Ranged (Carapace spine crossbow,Blackcrow)+7 scope damage on both
    I am attuned to all even tho i am applying for a social spot

    Personal presentation: I am a helpful and emphatic person who likes to help people (in game and in real life),i started also a little project on helping lowbies newcomers in the server https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=33014&sid=1c7ccff0b1b5c94fa8d7dca13c6a1e30 , i already played on other private servers before and used to do the same stuff to help community,maybe someone who comes from other old project might remember my threads on forum.Doing this because can be a little frustrating the grind of vanilla when you dont find tanks,groups,cant complete elite quests or simply hunting a lootpiece.I consider my downsides to be that i am a shy person/player and i dont talk too much because of it.

    Reason i am applying to join as social: As i have already mentioned before,i am a customers of yours by few weeks,since when i whispered Istaria for info the first time,i noticed that something was by far different from the other pro players guild,you guys seem a really nice group,make a really nice environment to play in,not the rigid,elitist one i recognized when i made deals with other guilds before knowing you,you all seem very relaxed players who just enjoy the game the way it is meant to be,without bad blood and other arrogance behaviours that i have found almost in every other good guild that i got in contact with to buy loots.I mean every whisper and info request so far has been replied ingame and out,this really impressed me not kidding.Ofc some people might think that i am asking to join to have discount or free gear from your sellrun,i am not.I am still interested in buying those items from you without any preferential treatment,since i am asking for a social spot and i am not gonna contribute like a raider.I'd really like to join to continue my casual playing (helping lowbies,pvping around),keep my little project going, in a special environment where i can see myself to fit in. There might be some way to contribute the guild maybe,id be glad to help (helping alts to level or getting gear for example) just throwing it.

    My experience:started late vanilla on a pve server playing priest,then on pvp servers with other classes,rogue mostly,but during cata i started playing on vanilla private servers,at first warsong,then ed.Always been a casual player never raided hardcore.

    I apologize for the grammar mistakes i might have typed in here(in Italy unfortunately schools and medias dont give much importance to the english language),i really hope you can consider my application since i would love to be a part of your guild.

    Casual playing hunter niceish guy toward lowbies ,would like to join your guild because finds its environment and players really nice and not complete elitist jerks as usually is in the others pro players guilds on this realm

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