• Sbint

    what more would you like to know? :)

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  • Sbint

    Character stuff (class, race, nick)

    Druid, Night elf,Sneakybast, elemental leatherworking 300/ skinning 315 (with items)
    Denmark and gmt +1

    Also have Hammer of grace but need off-hand

    Raiding quest/attunement status

    MC, Onyxia and BWL attuments.

    Suitable times for events
    Everyday in the evening, normally by 20:00 GMT+1

    Prior experience
    Played as a mage back in retail vanilla up to lvl 70 but didn't take part in any raiding back then.
    But I've been raiding with my restodruid for about 2 months now, so I know the ins and outs of raiding and know how to heal and I'm a fast learner :)

    Other games
    Among other games that I play are things like Dota 2 and Helldivers. It's the multiplayer cooperation part of games that draws me in. :)

    Reason for joining Nostalrius
    As mentioned before I only played retail wow to lvl 70 while burning crusade was already out, which means I didn't really get to experience the raiding part of vanilla as everyone was too busy with getting to lvl 70. Nostalrius is then a great opportunity to experience the vanilla raiding part of wow.

    Reason for application
    I am currently in a social guild where I hold the rank as officer. As friendly as people are, people aren't really commited to the raiding part, as we only got a raid every second week, counting UBRS as a raid.

    I wasn't the only level 60 in the the guild looking for more raiding. Some of the other players in the guild (which is also an applicant for Theorycraft), that held the same speculation about my current guild and he mentioned Theorycraft as a nice guild.

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