• Raikurs

    Well the post isn't really straight recruiment post. More like advertisement u can find it here https://ylilauta.org/pelit/36662040

    Yes that friend status suits fine for start :)

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  • Raikurs

    In-Game Name: Raikurssi (lvl15)
    Class: Mage
    Spec: Frost
    Race: Human
    Age: 31
    Nationality: Finland
    Timezone: +2 GMT

    Current Gear: leveling gear

    Planned Gear Raid: I'm ready to farm the gear that is needed from dungeons and to do pre-raid questlines. And yes, I can read quides and theorycraft to find out whats BiS gear and stuff. I have never done much theorycraft myself (cos I'm a little bit lazy and) cos it has been quite easy to analyze other guides.

    When I'm available: Evenings and weekends mostly, still have to work (8-16) cos no jackpot in a lottery yet :/ And I also play hockey 1-3 times a week training at thursday and usually one game at weekend.

    I have played WoW more or less since 2003 first beta. Raiding I started with Priest in Vanilla 2006 and got experience from MC, BWL, AQ20 and AQ40. Never had chance to raid old Naxx that I'm looking forward for now. In TBC I started raiding with Mage and have done all bosses in TBC. When WotLK was released in 2007 I joined finish guild called Arctica and played there untill end of 2012 or something like that. Than I quited WoW for couple of years cos of lack of time. In Arctica I got most of my hc raiding experience doing WotLK and Cata hc raids.

    I started playing WoW again this summer on private server named gamers-district (Wotlk), but have founded out that playing Vanilla and 40man raids again would be more fun(read: chaos). Because in WotLK I have already seen it all.

    In Theorycraft and Vanilla I look forward for progressive raiding and doing dungeons with guild. I also wait funny moments in TS or whatever you use. In Theorycraft guild I really don't know anyone, but I have changed couple of words with Shanyatral about the guild and it policies. I noticed guild recruiment post on Ylilauta/g/ (still I don't know what the hell I'm doing there) and got interested.


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