• Miinori

    @Istaria Yes I hesitated between charge and overpower and i admit it's better for pvp and pve so I will respec

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  • Miinori

    Hello guys, my name is Jeremy I'm 22 and I'm from France (the south part, near Spain) GMT+1.
    So as you can see I'm actually in the guild but has a "Friend" and i would like to introduce myself and hopefully be a member in the futur to taste the pve content as a warrior and to discover the stuff i haven't done yet on Nostalgeek (Naxx and AQ40 after the twins) where i was playing as a shadow priest.
    I play a fury warrior, you can see my spec and gear here:


    I have a IRL friend in your guild "Payki" and I was in the guild a long time ago but i decided to make a break of wow like 3 weeks after joined the guild for the first time.
    I have all acces for raid, MC BWL Onyxia and I can raid every days but not Monday.

    I'm actually farming honor for rank 7,8,10 gear, I still need for BIS pre-raid: HOJ, rend MH, truestrike shoulders, AV ring(12k/21k), Satyr's Bow and a better chest.

    If you want to know more about me I'm an old mmo player, I played WoW BC and Cata(raid), GW2, Aion, Flyff, BnS(ru,eu), BDO (ru,kr), Tera, Neverwinter, Vindictus, Swordsman, Lineage 2, Lotro, Dofusand others quickly.

    My interface:

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