• Löffel

    Name: Löffel
    Class: Warlock
    Age: 19
    Nationality: german
    Spec: Sm/ ruin (of course i will change it if you want)
    Attunement: ony & mc
    i am available to do raids, instances and pvp very often, i only work 2- 3 times a week at irregular times. (often on the weekends but never sunday evening)
    my gear is mostly pre raid bis (bloodvine), allthough i still need a good wand and trinkets. So naturally this is what i aim for at the moment.

    i am mostly looking for the fun and the social environment while raiding, and if i can get some good gear while doing that, thats awesome, but its not my focus.

    sincerly, Löffel

    P.S. im the little brother of Agony :)

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