• Kayran

    Team France I don't know them, I just know Bojwolb hes a dedicated druid player he gave me a few tips on druid gear and spec :)

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  • Kayran

    [bracers of prosperity] I just got them like 2 hours ago :D

    I don't know about Swiftmend. I am mitigated. 24/0/27 is a solid Healing Touch build, you get like -0.5s casting when land a crit, its very good since 80% of your heals are done by direct heals in Vanilla. HoT are not very efficient unless you put them on a target that is taking constant damage and those target are pretty rare. Yeah it's good for clutch healing a MT, but the 3min cd instant heal can do the job also. Also swiftmend could give you some more mana when used skillfully.
    My guess is you have 2 choices: Healing Touch build(24/0/27) gives you a better healing on raid party AND Leaf build(full restau) gives you a better healing on tanks. Of course a Druid should be healing MTs+raids at the same time, I think he just have to choose where to give a little more efficiency. So I will go for the spec you feel the raid need the most.

    Also the healing meter is a good stats but it doesnt tell you anything about efficient healing, burst prevention, and reliability. I just know that druid on healing tuch build are toping even higher on the heal meter. I guess that's normal cuz if your are healing the raid party you will always top on raw healing done... basically you just have to put the raid full life like a robot

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  • Kayran

    Name: Kayran
    Class: Druid
    Level: 60
    Age: 26
    Country: France
    Spec: 5/0/46, a deep restau spec, I would like to go for the best healing spec 24/0/27 as soon as i get some better advanced gear (you need some more crit chance with this spec and then you are overpowered)
    Current Gear: I am very close to full pre-BiS gear, I just need to get 2 items from strat UD, 1 from BRD 7 chest, 1 from DM>W. But I'm not a selfish player that goes only for his needs. I can help anyone to get his stuff done I never say no for anything :)
    Unbuffed stats:
    +350 healing power
    +13 mana/5sec
    268 intel
    216 spirit
    2863 hp
    3988 mana
    I've always thought you need something like 300 healing power + 15 mp5 + 230 spirit 4k mana and 2700hp to start raiding as druid, my gear matches these stats easily.

    MC/Ony access/raid addons/raid ui: Everythings OK

    Wow background:
    Back in the day, I was an poor elf rogue that barely did anything from his life, then I died to became one of the most powerful undead. As a non-living I choosed the way of arcane, fire and frost. I fought the alliance for weeks and the horde finally rewarded me as a Warlord(pvp rank 13). We had the famous and mighty warrior "Maydie" in our team (check his great frag-movie HERE). This guy went rank 14 with 2 warrior, 1 human and 1 undead (for RP reason). We had so much fun doing killing those alliance together. But my thirst of power has not fainted, we brought legion with us and killed the Firelord, the vile Onyxia and his older brother Nefarian, but today I feel this fight is not over. The drums of war are rumbling again !

    If you need an experienced restau druid that will be 100% present that's me.

    Why Theorycraft ? I barely know anyone from the guild. I'd like to know you more. I like the name, I love theorycrafting, cutting the edges and possibilities of your class/spec/stuff and groups composition. I had a lot of experience in vanilla but i feel like playing a very new game. Nowadays people have so much knowledge about this particular retail, i've learned so many NEW things, and i hope it will keep on like this. I just want to play and progress FOR a team and WITHIN a team and have some fun because it all that really matters.

    I hope you guys have a slot for a restau druid that will show a lot of presence.
    I am looking forward to hear some news :) Much fun and luck to you guys

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