• gheko

    here is a snip of the recruitment procedure:
    Here are some questions that we would like you to tell us when applying into the guild.

    Character stuff (class, rage, nick)
    Your age
    Your nationality, as well as country you currently live in (if different) and timezone
    Current spec and are you comfortable respeccing to whatever the guild may want (which may be very unorthodox stuff - possibly not working in PvP and grinding/5mans as well as regular specs)
    Your current gear and even more importantly, which upgrades are you most seeking in both 5 man and raid content, hint, you can use the [item] [/ item] tag and itemname. You may also throw in some explanations as to why something, if it's not obvious.
    Raiding quest/attunement status
    When / how often are you available to raid and do 5man/PvP stuff in the guild

    We would also obviously like to hear a story about you, your background, which other games do you play/have you played, why do you want to join this particular guild, why are you playing on this vanilla server and what do you wish to achieve here, do you already have some friends here and all the like. The box is empty, it is up to you to put some text into it :)

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  • gheko

    so u didnt hear were cute and cuddly? damn shame.

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