• Eoan

    mee tooo.. can u fix?

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  • Eoan

    Ok thanks, ill check here regurarly or you can reach me ingame (Eoan).
    And as i said, i have no problem sometimes stepping back if to many people show up.

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  • Eoan

    I have no problem sometimes sitting on the bench,
    i´m always open to help people farm theier gear in 5 man espeacially becous i still have to farm mine:-)
    I Want to join your guild becouse you presented yourself well on the forums, and would like to start raiding with u guys from the getgo, and i had the impressio ur just starting to raid , and i like to be there from the beginning.

    I have no better reasons, i dont know any of u heavent heard good or bad stuff about u, just looking for a nice group of people to play with.

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  • Eoan

    I hate writing applications, so here in a quick format:
    -i know the raids up until naxx
    -play frequently
    -am a nice person
    -aged 24 from Hamburg, Germany
    -can specc however guild wants, no real preferences

    and i would love to raid again, if you want to knwo something else just ask me.


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