• @Chaosvex said:

    Recruiting all classes.

    No we're not! Not recruiting ANYONE. Don't even try, man.

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    Hi there. We're currently undergoing a lot of changes so we will not be able to give you an answer right away.

  • We may be able to bring you today to a raid instance to see what is what. This would be around 19:30 server time. As for our greatness, the server having problems has affected us in a big way as well, but we're still hanging in there somewhat.

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    If you have lost your access, it's because I accidentally messed something up. Post here.

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    Looks like Moozie knows everyone.

  • Most likely an issue with CT_RaidAssist. I experience this issue myself and I'll try disabling it next Wednesday. The problem usually occurs for me on Technician packs and big dragonkin packs after vael.
    If you are keen on MT targets get oRA2 instead.

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    Ok, totally understand that... :) . Thank you anyway !

  • @liekki said:

    @Chaosvex said:

    @liekki said:

    @Istaria upload-72354f93-1aca-4732-b6cb-4201cba5d975 Sums up the current situation nicely! :D

    New situation: Chances to get in are very good.

    How about now?

    We'll average it out. Chances to get in are hit and miss.

  • Hi there!

    Servers have been down and we have been busy. The thing is, we just merged with Chimaera which means that we now have a whole bunch of guys. However, we're also trying to get a second raid group (alt MC, maybe even alt BWL) going which means even more numbers could be useful. I will have a talk with the new leadership about what our goal is with new recruits, but since we're all very much on the same page about the difficulty of recruiting in general, I think our attitude toward recruiting is going to be positive, even though we now have a very large guild.

    Sorry about the wait, these things (mergers) unfortunately take time and introduce a lot of new variables.

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